Simcoe Office Products & Design is your best choice to guide you through your SA Furniture Purchase process.

We know SA's

Simcoe Office Products has been a dealer of record for many years with companies that you have come to trust including:
  • ARTOPEX -E60PQ-090004\023\PQ - FREE-STANDING –
  • NIGHTINGALE - E60PQ-120001\031\PQ – CHAIRS -
  • GLOBAL - E60PQ-120001\005\PQ – CHAIRS – link
Why deal with Simcoe Office Products vs. direct with the manufacturer?
We know the SA process.. we can help guide you through to ensure all has met requirements. Over 25 years of providing various government departments with exceptional service.
  • Onsite design & layout plus CAD drawings are provided.
  • We provide you with a full detailed quotation and place the orders with the manufacturers on your behalf.
  • We will handle all warranty claims - simply call us.
  • AND best of all we are the people that do the installation!

Call anytime for a complete SA Brochure from the above noted manufactures.
Mike Brown, Government SA Specialist
Barrie and area
Carl Troke, Government SA Specialist
Trenton and Area
Current Standing Offers
  • RMSO Imaging Consumables E2107-120002\035\VAN

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